These Paleo Red Velvet Fondant Cakes are delicious pots of red velvet chocolate goodness for two! They are made with almond flour and coconut flour, which makes them grain-free and naturally gluten-free. They are also non-processed, which means that there is no red food-dye in the ingredient list, just some freshly juiced beet juice!

I had meant to post this recipe earlier as a Valentine’s day Paleo dessert option, but the truth is… red velvet isn’t just a one season dessert!

Paleo Red Velvet Fondant Cakes (for 2) (naturally gluten-free) | Perchance to Cook,

Before Valentine’s day, I was asked to do a guest post for Bakepedia. Which I was super excited about!

I wasn’t sure what to make, though. All I knew was that it would be Paleo.

After much thinking, I decided to attempt a grain-free version of red velvet cake.

It was something that I had never done before, so I was up for the challenge.

Paleo Red Velvet Fondant Cakes (for 2) (naturally gluten-free) | Perchance to Cook, www.perchancetocook.comSo

I tested MANY potential recipes.

AKA- there was lots of trial and error… recipes that stayed brown, recipes that tasted bitter, and recipes that just weren’t good enough.

In the process, though, I learned that beet juice isn’t enough for a non-processed red velvet recipe; you need some sort of acidity to turn the mixture red.

Like baking powder and apple cider vinegar.

Paleo Red Velvet Fondant Cakes (for 2) (naturally gluten-free) | Perchance to Cook,

And in the mist of all that trial and error, I came up with some good recipes!

Like my Paleo Red Velvet Drop Cookie recipe, a chocolate coconut cookie recipe (that I’ll be posting soon), and these Paleo Red Velvet Fondant Cakes. 🙂

To get the recipe for these Paleo Red Velvet Fondant Cakes (for two), head to my guest post on Bakepedia or look below. I hope you enjoy it!

Paleo Red Velvet Fondant Cakes (for 2) (naturally gluten-free) | Perchance to Cook,
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Paleo Red Velvet Fondant Cakes (for 2) (naturally gluten-free)

Servings: 2
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 40 minutes



  • Preheat the oven to 350°F.
  • Set a pot of water on the stove and heat on high until the water boils, then lower the heat to medium.
  • Put the coconut oil and chocolate chips in a plastic bowl.
  • Put the plastic bowl on top of the boiling water and let the mixture melt, while mixing the chocolate with a spatula.
  • Remove the bowl from the pot of hot water as soon as the chocolate has melted. Whisk the melted ingredients together and set the bowl aside.
  • In a separate bowl, whisk together the egg and maple syrup until it thickens a bit. Add the vinegar, beet juice, vanilla, and chocolate/coconut oil mixture to the bowl and whisk well.
  • In another separate bowl, mix together the salt, almond flour, coconut flour, cocoa powder and baking powder together.
  • Pour the dry ingredients into the bowl with the wet mixture and whisk.
  • Evenly pour the batter into two ramekins.
  • Bake for 30 minutes, on the lower shelf of the oven. The outside of the cakes should look hard, and puff out. They will probably also crack, but look a bit soft in the middle.
  • Let cool for a little bit, but make sure to still eat it warm.