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Patrons of PtC

Patrons of Perchance to Cook

Thank you for stopping by Perchance to Cook’s Patreon account and for considering a donation to my blog’s mission and company. Thank you to all my longtime and new followers for following along and supporting my blog, and recipes.


For 7+ years, I have loved sharing my healthy recipe creations and have enjoyed hearing how much my readers have enjoyed them. Blogging and recipe testing takes time and investment on my part. 

I have wanted to open a Patreon account for a while now, as this industry always has its ups and downs, and as I’ve always continued posting free content through it. Now that I have two kids and am staying home to take care of them, my continued revenue stream impacts my ability to create and post recipes. I have been asked what is the best way to support my blog, and therefore I have come up with the following plan of support…

How to support Perchance to Cook:

1) Please continue making my recipes, rating my recipes, and sharing my recipes with others. This means so much to me and is the biggest gift of all!

2) If you want to support me via a donation through this Patreon account, thank you! As a token of my appreciation I will give you something in return.

Anything helps and your support in any way is much appreciated.